Central City Billboards

Billboard Services

Minuteman Press of Lakewood is privileged to support the production, replacement and installation of Central City Parkway billboards. This page exists to help our customers view current billboard locations and ensure the accuracy of requests and installations.

A map of Central City Parkway with mile markers can be found below. Please refer to the sign number and direction (inbound or outbound) when requesting a billboard change. You will also find current photos of each billboard, which we update on this page within seven days of new installations. 

Please note that weather conditions which impact the safety of our crew, such as high winds, lightning, heavy rain or snow may delay scheduled billboard installations. We will promptly notify you of any delays and, once it’s safe to proceed, we will complete the installation.

Billboard Map

Current Billboards

Sign 1 Inbound
Sign 1 Outbound
Sign 2 Inbound
Sign 3 Inbound
Sign 4 Inbound
Sign 4 Outbound
Sign 5 Inbound
Sign 5 Outbound
Sign 6 Inbound
Sign 6 Outbound